Besides the features mentioned above, the bath with a view located on a raised floor of the refurbished building awaits the guests in marvelous surroundings. The roof can be opened up so the guests can enjoy the sunshine while in the effervescent or the jacuzzi ponds.

Sauna, steam room

Through dilating the veins, the circulation is improved in the muscles and the skin. As a result of increased sweating, waste materials are excreted, which strengthens the immune system. A Finnish-type sauna can be found in both the open-air section and within the building; it is recommended for our healthy, adult visitors, who will want to dip in the pool of cold water, too.

Effervescent bath, jacuzzi

These pools filled with water of 32–330C may be a real treat for all age groups. The water jets spouting all over the pool massage every part of the body. At the edge of the effervescent bath, the two water jets of high intensity serve as neck showers: the forceful massage of the upper parts cause the muscles to relax and the neck and shoulder pains to abate. The experience is further enhanced by four bubbly beds. The intensive flow of water and air together make for an unforgettable experience.

Cellulite (fat burning) massage

Cellulite massage is performed in order to ease and stop the symptoms of cellulite. Cellulite - which slows down blood supply and circulation in the lymphatic system - is the herniation of subcutaneous fat within fibrous connective tissue that manifests topographically as skin dimpling and nodularity, often on the pelvic region, lower limbs, and abdomen. The massage improves blood and lymphatic circulation and the oxygen supply and freshness of the tissue. It also helps the lymph to reach the bloodstream through the lymph nodes and eventually leave the system. This effect is further assisted by a special cream used during the massage. The desired effect can be achieved with regular massage and a reconsidered diet and lifestyle.

Cellulite is usually caused by an insufficient lymphatic system, but hereditary factors, the lack of physical activity, incorrect diet, consuming the wrong quality and quantity of beverages, stress or contraceptives have also been known to further the condition.

The lymphatic system’s task is to remove and transport the waste from the cells and the intercellular space. If its operation is improper, waste piles up and hampers the cells’ metabolism.

Wave massage

In developed countries, several women have problems with their shape and skin. This is caused mainly by the lack of physical activity, incorrect diet, and overeating. Regular inactive occupation such as standing or sitting in one place for hours can cause the swelling of the legs and the deformation of the body, which can eventually lead to depression or unhealthiness.

Negative effects which thus affect our lives include organ diseases, varicose veins, edema and cellulite, which all stem from inefficient lymphatic circulation. However, with the help of modern technology, there is a new method which performs the massage through a device. We call this method wave massage or lymph massage. During the treatment compression covers are attached to the body, which are connected to the machine with air tubes. The machine pumps air to the covers, creating light, rhythmic pressure waves which flow through the body from the sole through the ankle, thigh, and buttocks up to the hip. The waves follow each other in a periodic, rhythmic fashion. The number of waves per minute and the level of pressure are adjustable.

Even after the first, roughly 20-minute treatment, we realize with surprise that our legs feel lighter. A sense of release can be perceived and it feels like our shoes became a size too big. As a result of the treatment the volume of the thigh, buttocks, and hip decreases, the skin becomes more beautiful, cellulite starts to disappear and lymphatic circulation returns to ideal.

Paraffin wax treatment

Paraffin wax possesses extraordinary heat storing characteristics, opens the pores, improves blood circulation, strengthens the connective tissues and therefore allows the absorption of moisturizing products. As a result of the treatment dry, rough and cracked skin becomes soft, smooth and flexible. It has beneficial effects on the upper as well as the lower limbs. The paraffin wax therapy of the hand includes the disinfection, peeling and vitamin-rich cream treatment of the skin of the hands.

The protection of the hands is even more important during the cold winter days. One of the most efficient solutions at times like that is regular paraffin wax treatment. The warm, covered surface enhances the deeper absorption of medicinal lotions and the inner improvement of the skin. In addition to its healing and moisturizing effect, it prevents the visible signs of aging from appearing on the hand. Paraffin wax has been used in medicine for physiotherapy purposes for years. It is also used for treating the hand, the foot and the face in cosmetics.

The paraffin wax treatment has to be used regularly, depending on the dryness of the skin of the hand. Usually during the first two weeks two sessions, then for another two weeks one session, and later every two weeks one session is recommended to reach the desired condition.


Natural healing treatments

During the renovation of the Spa of Harkány there was built the natural healing department where medical examinations and treatments are waiting for patients who prefer alternative healing methods. The natural healing methods are rooted back to ancient times. The side effects of medicines call the attention that the ancient natural methods have their place in the modern healing. Modern medicine primarily concentrates on symptomatic healing, the natural medicine looks for the causes and heals them with the tools of nature and thus there is no drastic intervention in the body’s immune system.

The man of the modern age fights with different kind of sickness, toxins,  chemical agents, additive materials, etc. All of these are weakening our immune system and so the harmony ceases to exist. To set back the harmony in our body, that is our main aim and we would like to help you with the following alternative healing methods:

Ear candling

Ear candle evokes the 2000 years old healing tool. It is not only a remedy for ear complaints but it can reduce the inflammations, pains appearing in the body. It is recommended for tinnitus, rhinitis, sinusitis, and patients with complaints of dizziness as well.

Cupping therapy

Cupping therapy is a well-known phrase nowadays, but only a few people know that how far roots back the origin of it. Cupping therapy is the method of using glass or plastic cups to create localized pressure by a vacuum. With the excitation of peripheral, autonomic and sensory skin reflex zones ( Head’s zones)on the back, it can stimulate various kind of internal organ’s functions while also spasms ease, for instance, abdominal pain, asthmatic cough can be controlled. By an intensive cure it functions as a vasodilator, in this case, it increases local blood flow and so the subsidence of accumulated toxins in the skin, connective tissue, muscle can be decomposed. The therapy is recommended in the following cases: headache, migraine, depression, back pain, obesity, chronic lung disease, respiratory infections, gastro-intestinal problems, gallbladder/liver disease, urinary / sexual organs diseases.

Reflex-zone massage

 On the legs, the state of different organs and body parts is reflected. Therefore with the massage of the different zones on the legs appears congestion in the given organs. It promotes the circulation of the lymphatic organs, thus contributing to the selection of waste material, strengthens the immune system.

Body massage with honey

Special cure of detoxication, strong effect of waste material removal. Rejuvenating the skin, makes it taut, improves the skin’s flexibility.

Chocolate massage

Chocolate massage is a really deep, relaxing treatment during which the body and the soul can release all of the tension and occasional pain. Chocolate, which has been treated as an aphrodisiac since centuries, has antioxidant effects, thus it can prevent the damaging of cells and slow down ageing. It also provides essential minerals and moisturizes and tightens the skin, which then becomes smooth and silky. Through its well known endorphin producing effects chocolate helps the harmonic revitalization of the skin, the body and the soul.

Body massage with vacuum

In the vacuum congestion appears on the  treated surface which improves the metabolism of the tissues and the excess fat is burnt off. It is recommanded for cellulite and to remove the stripes formed on slackened skin.


This type of massage is the same as the Thai massage with oils but using volatile oils. The benevolent effects of the oils can best assert themselves if the oils are left on the skin after the massage.


Doctors, general practitioners, athletes, beauticians and veterinarians use it across the world and in Hungary as well for more than a decade for mainly therapeutic purposes. The device improves the oxygen and blood supply of the whole body in a unique way, enhances the system’s metabolism, supports the immune system and therefore provides essential help to the system in activating its self-healing powers.