It is not only the medicinal water that has its spontaneous effect at the thermal baths at Harkány. The natural conditions are excellent: the favorable climate, the micro-climate of the spa, the 2.100–2.200 sunny hours a year can splendidly complement a carefully planned course of treatment. In the medicinal baths - completely refurbished in 2003 – a fully covered, a half-covered, and an open pool await the guests with a total water surface area of 2098 m2, with a depth of 110-153 cm at a temperature of 34-38 °C centigrade.
In the prevention and treatment of locomotor and arthritic disorders, in improving a condition of osteoporosis, chronic gynecological inflammations, and disorders of the lymphatic circulation, outstanding results might be achieved during a course of treatment at Harkány.
Our dermatologists have had excellent results in the treatment of psoriasis with the waters at Harkány. We do not wish to assert that such improvement can only be achieved by a cure session at Harkány, as there are two further places in the world that can be hopefully visited by psoriasis sufferers. The nearest one of these to Europe is the Dead Sea.Kép címeDear Guests!
The following table offers you information about the condition and possible maintenance works regarding the pools:

Pool No.

Type of pool Condition
Pool 1. thermal pool, open, 34-36 °C Working
Pool 1.B thermal pool, covered, 36-38 °C Working
Pool 2.  thermal pool, half covered, 32-34 °C Working
Pool 10. top floor whirlpool, covered, 34-36 °C Working
Pool 10.A top floor covered jacuzzi 34-36 °C Working
Pool 11. top floor relax pool, covered, 34-36 °C Working
Pool 11.A top floor jacuzzi, covered, 34-36 °C Working
Pool 13 covered kid's pool 30-35 °C Not working
Pool 14 covered kid's pool shallow 30-35°C Not working