The world famous open-air and medicinal baths at Harkány await you and your esteemed family every day of the year. In the 13.5-hectare  natural park where the baths are located, from May to October, open-air pools, a swimming pool, a separate pool for children to paddle in, and, at the height of the season, a water-chute are inviting the lovers of open-air bathing. A friendly and high-standard environment is at the disposal of the guests for sun-bathing, games, sports, and having meals. Our animators prepare programmes for old and young of the family, so everybody can find what suits them most.

Water surface area of the sports pool: 1050 m2
That of the butterfly pool: 1460 m2 és 1520 m2
That of the children’s pool: 220 m2

An up-to-date bath complex can hardly be imagined without a sauna, an effervescent and a massaging pool, or without a cosmetic and massaging parlour, as these freshening cures serve not only the general feeling of well-being but also help to preserve the body’s youth and beauty. All that can, of course, be found at the Harkány establishment.

Pool no. Pool type Condition
Pool 3 open-air hot water pool, 30-32 C° Not working
Pool 4 open-air swimming pool, 24-26 C° Working
Pool 5 open-air "butterfly" pool, 26-28 C° Working
Pool 6 open-air "butterfly" pool, 30-32 C° Working
Pool 7 open-air children's pool, 34-35 C° Working
Pool 8 open-air whirlpool, 33-35 C° Not working
Pool 9 open-air sauna cold plunge pool, 20-22 C° Not working
Pool 12 open-air slide & plunge pool, 24-26 C° Working