Thermal Spa

The products belonging to the medicinal cosmetic family of Harkány are unique preparations that are manufactured by using the thermal water of Harkány and natural materials through the application of exclusively natural technologies (the preparations are available at our establishment and almost all chemists’ in the country) .

Rheumatism cream with thermal water 

This cream of a special composition– either alone or when combined with drug therapy – is very effective with rheumatic pains. Having a strong muscle-relaxing effect, it is also recommended for sportspeople. The active constituents of the product are obtained through special Fermentation,in a medium of medicinal water, using natural raw materials and biosynthesis. The biosynthetic metalloproteins thus obtained play important roles in the skin, the cells, and the musculature. It is enough to just thinly apply the cream on the painful surface, then slightly massage it in. In case of persistent pain, the cream can be applied as if undergoing a cure, once or twice a day. The recommended length of a course of treatment is a week. 

Vitalizing face cream with thermal water

The cream is produced using medicinal water, it contains Q10, ginseng, vitamins A, C, E, and B5, nutritive oils, extracts of camomile and marigold (Calendula officinalis), hydrolysates of collagen and elastin, and hydrating aloe gel.

Bubble bath with thermal water

This bath foam has a natural hydrating effect, besides the active ingredients of the medicinal water of Harkány, it contains kinds of vitamin B. It keeps in good condition and regenerates the skin, relaxes the muscles. Recommended use inwater of 33–37 C°.

Shampoo with thermal water

This shampoo contains active ingredients derived from the medicinal thermal water and different proteins, which nurture and protect the hair and scalp. The preparation cleans in a mild way,it prevents the formation of dandruff, it improves the way the hair-do can keep its shape. It’s recommended for alltypes of hair.

Scalp cream with thermal water

Our hair and scalp lotion is a medicinal cosmetic product that is a rarety in the world; its active component is biosynthetized through special fermentation from natural ingredients. The cream - according to clinical studies - can be very potent in cases of hair damage of a cosmetic kind, hair of an unsound makeup, on broken hair after dying or a perm, or on a dry dandruffy scalp. 

Cream for herpes with thermal water

This cream is to be used for the treatment of the infections by the herpes simplex virus. Clinical studies show that it quickens the drying off of the vesicles, prevents the formation of scab and of new vesicles. The natural active components of the cream – metalloproteins, obtained through biosynthesis in the medium of the thermal water – impressively shorten the usual healing time. The cream has a hydrating effect, it is readily absorbed. When applied – as opposed to other ointments –it is to be spread but only in a very thin filmy layer on the affected skin surface. 

Shower gel with thermal water

This gel is made from the medicinal thermal water, it contains natural hydrating agents. The active components have a mild cleansing effect, the skin’s natural moisture content is preserved, the desiccation of the skin is prevented. The skin remains smooth after taking a shower. 

Cream for the care of hands and feet with thermal water

It’s a cream that is readily absorbed, and which is manufactured using medicinal thermal water. It increases the resistive capability of the epidermis, while, at the same time, the cuticle becomes better at absorbing and retaining moisture. Its valuable oils and the lanolin increase the protection of the skin against external action, it contains vitamin E, anti-inflammatory camomile extract, and epidemis-forming allantoin. Its content of vitamins A and E helps the formation and regeneration of soft, elastic, healthy skin. Its pH is skin-friendly, which helps to preserve the acidic balance of the skin surface. 

Body balm with thermal water

A readily absorbed balm produced using medicinal thermal water. . Its valuable oils and the antioxidant vitamin E content enhance the resistive capability of the epidermis against external action. The anti-inflammatory camomile extract and the allantoin promote cuticle regeneration. The mineral content of the thermal water and the high glycerol content - in the presence of aloe vera gel - effectively improve the skin’s tone and increase its water retaining capacity. This balm, therefore, is an excellent hydrating agent.