Thermal Spa

Treatment of psoriasis

Psoriasis is characterized by dry, red plaques, and desquamation of white scales; it may occur at any area of the skin, and sometimes it is accompanied by inflammed joints.
The progress of the disease is changeable: periods vary without or with symptoms, whose severity is also hugely varied -  and may even be disabling. Psoriasis is a disease of the whole of the body.

The medicinal water of Harkány,with its  unique composition and effect,is efficacious in all forms of psoriasis, and also in cases of anomalous cornification, certain forms of chronic dermatitis, and arthritic complaints accompanying skin diseases.

In the opinion of OGYFI and the College of Dermatologists and V.D. Specialists, the medicinal water of Harkány has a healing effect with skin diseases (psoriasis), which widens the scope of the water’s therapeutic applicability. Studies were carried out in a way permitted by the Medical and Health Sciences Centre of Pécs R.K.E.B., and according to strict professional standards.

Bath treatment cleanses the skin, removes cremes, ointments that had been used previously and remained on the skin surface, together with scales and scabs, with disinfectant additives it is effective in the management of infected skin diseases, and it is advantageous in hydrating the corneum. Locally applied preparations are better absorbed, and if phototherapy is used, the UV rays can reach the deeper layers of the skin easier.

As a result of all that, after immersion in the thermal water, the effective-ingredient content of the ointments can be reduced to 25% of the customarylevel, whereas a smaller dose of UV irradiation is adequate. Complex treatment at Harkány is well tolerated and the side-effects are negligible.

A significant improvement in skin conditions can be achieved through a 14-18-day long intensive treatment at Harkány, but in a large percentage of cases, an improvement can be observed even after no more than a few days at the spa.

The peace and quiet of the resort help to leave the everyday cares behind and contribute to the success of the treatments.

Clinical Examination and studying the mechanism of the Medicinal Water’s Effect

For the optimization of the combined treatments at Harkány, the mechanism of the thermal water’s effect must be understood. The hospital at the spa cooperating with the theoretical institutes of the General Medical Faculty of PTE (Pécs University) and the Pathology Department of Baranya County Hospital made significant advances in that area.

First, it was through animal experiments that the strong anti-inflammatory effect of the water of Harkány was proven, then, in clinical studies involving psoriasis sufferers, it became evident that the bath treatment course with the medicinal water definitely inhibits the production of substances playing a key role in the manifestation of the dermal symptoms, while, at the same time, the production of such substances as inhibit the pathological processes is promoted.

Histological studies also proved the marked suppression of the inflammation conveyed by the immune system. Research has shown that the medicinal water at Harkány has not only a local but also a systemic effect.

The efficacy of the treatments at Harkány was proven in a 21-day clinical study, which had a blind-control group. The first group of patients took baths in common water only, the other group had baths in Harkány mineral water, while both groups received the same regimen of local treatment.

Based on the evaluation of 60 patients’ data, the following results were obtained:

Zeroth day (starting PASI index) 21st day (PASI index)
Harkány thermal water, 30 patients 100% 38,1 ± 5,3%
Control (tapwater), 30 patients 100% 69,1± 4,9%

In the course of the study, the quality-of-life index of the patients also improved markedly.

Possible ways of availing yourself of psoriasis treatment

As an outpatient
Our treatments may be claimed on the basis of a treatment sheet made out after a consultation with a specialist during the surgery in our institution – rheumatology, dermatology; previous appointment is to be obtained -, financed partly or wholely by OEP (approx. NHS in Britain, National Health Insurance). Although psoriasis treatment is not paid for by the OEP, but in numerous components it is connected with that of organs of locomotion, treatment of the latter kind may bring about a reduction or even disappearance of the dermal symptoms accompanying the diseases of the organs of locomotion.