Thermal Spa

The thermal baths boast an independent medicinal department of high quality and properly qualified personnel. More than 800 patients can be treated a day. An especially great stress is put on the proper application of up-to-date natural healing methods, if necessary, combined With drug treatment. Our establishment has a contract with OEP (approx. = NHS in Britain) so patients having a referral are received as well. Those who have contracts with private health insurance companies may also take advantage of our services, their referrals are also accepted. 


A special kind of massage applied on the limbs pathologically swollen because of the disorder of the lymphatic circulation, in order to improve said circulation. With this special massaging technique it is possible to effectively treat oedema. 

Curative massage

While being applied, it slackens the muscle-tone,improves the blood circulation, speeds up the removal of the mediators that keep up the inflammed condition, so the inflammed state is reduced and, thus also the muscular pain. The effect can be further enhanced by special therapeutic gymnastics. Guests can avail themselves of this service without a prior medicalcheck-up.

Effervescent tub-bath

Owing to the vasodilatory effect of the carbon dioxide introduced into the medicinal water, the peripheral circulation improves, the cardiac capacity increases. The carbonic tub-bath is, first of all, meant for our guests whocannot take advantage of the pools with warmer water because they need treatment for some cardiac or vascular condition.

Tangentor (underwater massage with a water jet)

On an area of the body surface designated and in a manner prescribed by a doctor, through stimulating the damaged muscles by a water jet, an attempt is made to restore their normal functioning. This service needn’t be preceded by a medical examination. 

Sludge treatment

During this procedure, it is not only the extended thermal effect but also the biologically active materials absorbed through the skin from the mud that have a beneficial end-result. Besides having a remarkable anti-inflammatory effect, a speciality of our method is that the sterile natural mud is steeped in medicinal water of Harkány. The sludge is used in a filter pack, which makes treatment more comfortable for the guests. 

Curative gymnastics, exercises

Locomotor disorders developed out of different causes can be  palliated and, not infrequently, totally cured. Highly qualified physicotherapists help the patients to carry out the proper movements required in the much-varied situations. We think it important that we should teach the different sets of movements and exercises in such a way that the guests may continue doing the exercises later, at home.


In the treatment of locomotor disorders and rheumatism, it is indispensable. Ultrasonic, galvanic, TENS treatment, magneto-therapy, iontophoreses, and electric stimulation palliate the patients’ pain and make their locomotion easier. 

The specialists at the baths always prescribe the optimal combination of the available treatments.