Prices, opening hours

Dear Guests!

The following spreadsheet offers you information about the conditions and possible maintenance works regarding the pools:

Pool no. Pool type Condition
Pool 1 health pool, open, 36-38 °C Working
Pool 1/B health pool, roofed, 36-38 °C Working
Pool 2 - open health pool, open, 34-36 °C Working
Pool 2 - roofed health pool, roofed, 34-36 °C Working
Pool 3 open-air hot water pool, 30-32 C° Not working
Pool 4 open-air swimming pool, 24-26 C° Working
Pool 5 open-air "butterfly" pool, 26-28 C° Working
Pool 6 open-air "butterfly" pool, 30-32 C° Working
Pool 7 open-air children's pool, 34-35 C° Working
Pool 8 open-air whirlpool, 33-35 C° Not working
Pool 9 open-air sauna cold plunge pool, 20-22 C° Not working
Pool 10 top floor, whirlpool, roofed, 34-36 °C Working
Pool 11 top floor, relax pool, roofed, 34-36 °C Working
Pool 10/A, 11/A top floor, jacuzzi, roofed, 34-36 °C Working
Pool 12 open-air slide & plunge pool, 24-26 C° Working