Harkányfürdő, an ancient power to heal the body and the soul

One of Central Europe’s most famous thermal spas, Harkány Thermal Spa is located within Harkány’s 13.5 hectare nature park, which features hundreds of years old trees and Zsolnay eosin fountains. In addition to relaxing, refreshing and healing treatments we provide holistic cures as well in order to help our guests’ body and soul harmonize and achieve the desired serenity.


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Thermal Spa

The medicinal water was discovered in the 19th century and after scientific analysis it was determined that its effect is similar to the water of the Dead Sea and its mineral content is exceptionally high. The ion-rich thermal water contains great magnitudes of dissolved carbonyl sulphide and sulphur, which has an absorption rate of 150 000 in both dissolved and gaseous form, and contributes in treating rheumatologic conditions and sterility. It reduces inflammation and improves the regeneration of cells and the self-purification of sore body parts. The water’s healing power is also essential in rendering psoriasis asymptomatic.  Next

Open-Air Bath

The open-air bath is open from May to October and offers all kinds of aquatic activities (regular pool, waveless pool, children’s pool, water slide) to everybody who loves to be near water under the sun. We provide cosy and quality venues for sunbathing, games, sports or eating. Every member of the family can find the activity he/she prefers. We offer 20 restaurants, 15 food stands and further 59 stores and service offices. The bath offers waveless pools, slides and other colourful programs to the young generation and to those who love to splash in the water, while other options include walkenergie programs, spinning, fitness instructors, concerts, Spinn Fizz, sauna, massaging hot tubs and other cosmetic and refreshing services.  Next

Prices, opening hours

During the determination of the prices we put special emphasis on the needs of guests arriving in different times of the day, senior citizens, students and groups. We created different ticket groups based on our services (medicinal spa, open-air bath, crossing ticket) and we offer special season ticket options to guests staying longer with us. Our spa is open for our guests every day of the year. Next


H-7815 Harkány, Kossuth L. u. 7.